Corporate Identity Corporate Identity

MEDS is a Christian not-for-profit organization registered as a Trust of the ecumenical partnership of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) and the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK).

Mission Mission

To provide reliable, quality, affordable essential medicines, medical supplies, capacity building, quality control and other pharmaceutical services guided by Christian and Professional values

Vision Vision

A world class faith based medical supply chain and capacity building organization

Our Core Values

Christian Values.
As a Christian organization, MEDS is guided by Scriptural values and ethical principles which act as symbols of the organization’s identity and Lordship of Jesus Christ.
MEDS fosters collaboration with other like-minded stakeholders and partners. Partnership emanates from the recognition that MEDS requires the contribution of all stakeholders to achieve its goals.
Results legitimize the existence of an organization. MEDS endeavors to ensure that it delivers results to its stakeholders with emphasis on measurable impact from its interventions. MEDS also reinforces behavior that leads to top performance and afford stakeholders first class services.
Customer Focus.
The legitimacy of any organization lies in its ability to serve its customers. MEDS commits itself to give the highest quality of service to all its clients, providing the highest quality commodities and services.
Like any other organization, MEDS operates in a dynamic environment that affects its products, processes and systems. To insure against obsolescence, MEDS endeavors to be continuously innovative in all its activities.
MEDS is a unique organization whose operating beliefs are built on Christian values. Integrity differentiates MEDS character and the nature of business and clients served. The public expectations make integrity a must for all who work and relate with MEDS.
Team Work.
MEDS business renders itself to teamwork. To achieve seamless customer service, the organizational units work as a team with all appreciating the important role played by others to ensure individual and organizational success.

Our History

"Sr. Joan was a role model and a joy to work with. She was very systematic in her way of doing things, a mother, a teacher, an employer and above all a friend." MEDS Staff.

MEDS was officially founded in 1986 to provide reliable, quality, affordable essential drugs and medical supplies to church health units and to train health workers on the rational use of drugs. The organization has since grown to shape the supply chain in Kenya and the wider Sub-Saharan region by not only providing reliable, quality, affordable essential drugs and medical supplies to over 1,820 health